Top 10 Most Annoying Christmas Toys

Every year, my children receive at least one toy that they love and I secretly want to send back to Santa. I wonder what it will be this year… here are my top 10 Christmas toy peeves… what are yours?

1. Toys with tiny, sharp parts just designed to be trodden on causing excruciating pain in adults who are not wearing their slippers. 2. Toys that play the same song or make repetitive noises. Unless, of course, I have been given a pair of ear plugs for Christmas. 3. Toys that need batteries in sizes harder to come by than a unicorn. 4. Toys with really rubbish instructions that would probably make more sense if mummy had another Baileys. 5. Remote control toys – just designed to take your eye out on the way to the kitchen. Also, at some point, they stop being controllable and you pick up Radio 4 on the remote. It’s all very confusing. 6. Enormous cuddly toys that take up your child’s entire bed and leak foam stuffing everywhere. Actually, the real reason they’re annoying is because my children seem to love their cuddly toys more than me. 7. Gender specific ‘fluffy’ toys in pink for girls and blue ‘action’ toys for boys. It is 2013 for heaven’s sake… 8. Glitter machines. ‘Nuff said. 9. Board games that go on for 3 weeks. 10. Any action figures or dolls with moving eyes. They just freak me out.


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