Top tips for buying school uniform

It’s time to start planning for the new school year – school uniform, books, shoes… To help, John Lewis have some great tips and tools to help you get organised ahead of the game.

A new school or new term can be exciting, but also a little daunting, for both parents and children, KidStart have teamed up with John Lewis for some tips to help relieve a little of the back to school shopping headache.

John Lewis have everything on the Back to School list, from shirts to skirts and trousers to blouses. You’ll find the entire range of general school uniforms and sportswear, together with school shoes, school bags and stationery. Plus, the John Lewis schoolwear range features extra protection treatments, meaning your kids’ uniforms are playground-proof.

1. Always try and buy school uniform early

Easier said than done, but don’t leave buying school uniform to the last minute. The summer holidays fly by and before you know it, the annual rush to kit your child out has begun. Back to School is the busiest time so beat the crowds and shop before the end of July, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the summer holidays. Don’t worry – John Lewis can advise on buying to allow for summer holiday growth spurts.

2. Know what you need

Check whether your child’s school has a uniform list so you know exactly what they’ll need. John Lewis sell school-specific clothing for over 300 schools exclusively online. Each school has a handy PDF check list so you can make sure you’ve got the complete uniform. Check out their uniform by school tool. For other schools which have a more general uniform without logos, they have a very handy Back to School checklist, they suggest 3 shirts or blouses to allow one on, one in the wash and a spare, 2 sweatshirts or jumpers, 2 trousers/skirts. Take a look at their buying guides for sizing and further tips. You can still visit the stores to try sample sizes on, and then order it online in the comfort of your home.

3. Try to buy most of your uniform together

This idea might seem like a big task, as it’s an expensive business and it’s often the last thing your children want to do, but it means you can try everything on together to make sure jackets and coats fit over the rest of the uniform, and trousers sit well with shoes.

4. Label everything

Things are easily left on the bus, lost on playing fields, or mistakenly taken from coat pegs. John Lewis offer a wide range of name tapes which can be personalised and then sewn, ironed or stuck into clothing, bags and pencil cases. You can even use them in school shoes!

5. Order school uniform online

Lastly, don’t forget, John Lewis stock school uniform all year round so if you do have an emergency and need your uniform quickly, you can order online before 7pm, and collect in store for free after 2pm the following day – emergency over! Plus if you shop via KidStart you can earn up to 3% back from John Lewis to top up your children’s savings, making their future even brighter.

KidStart and John Lewis helping parents save everyday