Toy Story 3 – the kids give their verdict

I sent the kids (in this case Oliver, Emma and Jo) to review the much anticipated (some of us have been waiting 11 years!) Toy Story 3. Here's their review (edited slightly by Mum).

We were a bit apprehensive about seeing Toy Story 3 – after all this time waiting, would it be disappointing? Would it be as good as the previous two movies?

We needn’t have worried. The charm and heart-warming feeling from the previous films is still present, and it provides wonderful entertainment for all ages.


The plot describes the journey of all our old favourites including Woody, Jessie and Buzz being sent to a daycare centre which is run by the tyrannical teddy Lots-O’-Huggin’-Bear (really!) where they meet Ken (as in Barbie), among other toys. They launch a daring escape with the sole objective of getting back to Andy, who is on his way to college.  Along the way there is genius animation, witty dialogue, some hysterically funny scenes and several tear-jerking moments. All the original cast have returned to provide the voices, including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

We think fans of the previous movies will be as captivated as brand new audiences, which makes Toy Story 3 a must see summer movie for all the family.

*Toy Story 3 is released on July 19

written by Liz Jarvis