Disney’s Tron: Legacy – a first look

Last night No 1 Son and I went to a special preview screening of 20 minutes of Tron: Legacy, the big Christmas blockbuster from Disney.

Now, you may think it's a bit silly traipsing to a cinema in Piccadilly for 20 minutes of a new movie that's not out until December. But Tron:Legacy isn't just any movie; it's a movie event.

And from the 20 minutes we saw, I can tell you that this movie isn't just different from any Disney film you've ever seen before; it's not like ANYTHING I've ever seen in the cinema before. The use of 3D is just awesome, the CGI is amazing, the soundtrack (by Daft Punk) is beautiful and heart-thumping in turn, the storyline is totally involving.  
  It will be too frightening for smaller children, but older ones will love it, particularly those who enjoy playing computer games (ie, most of them).

The lead actor (Garrett Hedlund) is instantly likeable; and, of course, Jeff Bridges is in it (and Michael Sheen, looking so different I hardly recognised him).

We can't wait to see the rest of the movie, and we'll definitely be buying the soundtrack when it comes out. Some family films are true originals, they stay with you and
change the way we think about the endless possibilities of movie making forever. I predict Tron: Legacy will be one of them.

*Tron: Legacy opens on December 17

written by Liz Jarvis