Tron: Legacy – it’s awesome

A few weeks ago I gave you a sneaky peek of Tron: Legacy  – and now we’ve been to see the finished movie. Here’s our verdict…

It starts slowly, but once it gets going Tron: Legacy is completely riveting. The special effects are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and the Daft Punk soundtrack is absolutely brilliant.

The plot follows the fortunes of Sam Flynn (gorgeous Garrett Hedlund), who finds himself trapped in the digital world created by his long lost father (played by the astoundingly brilliant Jeff Bridges).

This is a world where everything centres around ‘the games’ – which are a bit like Gladiators only there are no giant cotton buds in sight and it’s much, much more dangerous. For anyone who has ever wondered what it would actually be like to be inside a video game, this is probably pretty close – and it’s definitely not a happy place. The Games take place on ‘The Grid’ and the chances of survival are very slim indeed.

Suddenly Sam is fighting for his life – and there’s only one person (and his glamorous assistant, played by Olivia Wilde) who can help him escape…

The movie features a hilarious cameo by Michael Sheen channelling David Bowie, stunning use of CGI and 3D, some real on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments, lots of action and humour.  If you remember the first Tron (*ahem*) this is really nothing like it – it reminded me more of Bladerunner in places. Some of it is quite menacing and for that reason I’d probably recommend it for age 10 and up.

No 1 Son couldn’t wait to buy the soundtrack, his friend declared it ‘awesome’. And personally, I thought Jeff Bridges (the real one, not the CGI-enhanced one) looked pretty good for his age. 5 stars.

*Tron Legacy opens on Friday

written by Liz Jarvis