Discover the Unique Story Behind Diem: A Scent Journey for Everyone

At Diem, we believe that finding the perfect fragrance should be a delightful and personalised experience. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realisation: fragrance discovery had become too complicated. With so many options and overwhelming choices, the joy of exploring scents was getting lost. That’s why we decided to create something truly special, and we’re excited to share our story with the KidStart community. Plus find an exclusive offer at the bottom of this article.

Diem Is Different

At Diem, we’re revolutionising how people discover fragrances. We wanted to eliminate the need to spend hours spraying dozens of bottles in stores, feeling overwhelmed by choice. Instead, we offer a fun and luxurious at-home discovery experience tailored specifically to you, thanks to our innovative AI scent assistant.

How It Works

Our process starts with your personalised discovery set, delivered right to your doorstep. Inside, you’ll find five exquisite Diem scent samples, carefully selected based on your unique preferences. Take your time to explore and enjoy these scents in the comfort of your home. If you find a fragrance you love, you can easily purchase a full-sized 30ml bottle, and the cost of your discovery set will be redeemed.

The more feedback you provide about which scents you like and dislike, the better our AI assistant understands your preferences. This allows us to continually refine your unique scent profile and recommend other fragrances we think you’ll adore.

Experiment With Scent

At Diem, we believe that fragrance should be as versatile and dynamic as you are. That’s why all our fragrances come in a portable 30ml bottle, perfect for mixing and matching with your mood. Whether you want to feel invigorated, relaxed, or romantic, our scents allow you to reinvent yourself with every spray.

How We Do It

By selling directly to our customers, we’ve eliminated the overheads of a complicated supply chain and the need to share revenue with retailers. This approach allows us to focus on what truly matters: partnering with leading perfumers to create high-quality fragrances using the finest ingredients. Our behind-the-scenes platform combines AI technology with a thoughtful, human approach to deliver a personalised and luxurious scent experience.

Who We Are

As founders, we’ve previously contributed to the growth and success of innovative brands like Skin+Me skincare, Papier stationery, Wild deodorant, and Suri toothbrushes. We’ve also played key roles in establishing some of Europe’s biggest consumer tech platforms. Our passion for fragrance began when we started buying perfumes as gifts for friends, quickly realising the complexities and challenges of perfume shopping. Inspired by this experience, we decided to take a different approach and create

Join Us on Our Scent Journey

We invite you to explore the world of Diem and discover the joy of personalised fragrance discovery. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. With Diem, finding your perfect scent is no longer a daunting task but a delightful journey. Visit today and start your personalised scent adventure.

Experience the difference with Diem – where luxury fragrance meets personalised discovery. And to help your exploring, we have an exclusive KidStart £5 off a £20 Discovery Set + £15 credit if you then go on to purchase a 30ml bottle, which you can redeem here and use code DIEMXKIDS.