Up Up and away

On Sunday we went to a special preview of the new Disney Pixar film Up in 3D.

And what a magical film it is. It tells the story of an old man who refuses to leave the house where he lived happily for years with his late wife. He decides to take the house for a trip to South America with the help of hundreds of helium-filled balloons – without realising there's a little stowaway on board in the shape of a very adventurous boy scout. They get into all sorts of scrapes, find a pack of rather unusual dogs, and become firm friends.

Up - the new Pixar film 

I have to say though that I've never seen so many issues included in one animation: childlessness, bereavement, ageing, divorce, property development… it's very much a children's film for 2009. Both myself and Harriet cried buckets throughout. But don't worry, there are lots of belly laughs and some really cute  'awwww' moments too. And the animation is some of the best we've seen – the 3D glasses just make it even more brilliant.

'I like the bit where the house floated away on the balloons,' Ben said afterwards. As that's quite a substantial part of the plot, I think he definitely enjoyed it too.

*Fancy playing an Up game with your children online? Simply click here

written by Liz Jarvis