Vtech Clear Sounds Digital Baby Monitor – Product Review

List price: £49.99 (RRP)

Available from: Toys R Us
Rating: Rating:  5/5 

Vtech Clear Sounds Digital Baby Monitor  

"Parents, if you haven’t got a digital monitor get one now!

Before I tried this monitor I didn’t think it made a difference but it does. The Clear Sounds Digital Baby Monitor does everything. This monitor has 120 secure channels and there is no interference at all.

It plays 50 melodies, has a temperature sensor that shows on both the parent and baby unit and an alarm goes off when the room gets too hot. 

It also has a talk and record setting so you can sooth your child from any room, you can play your MP3 player through it, you can record the last feed time, it has a night light and comes with a charger unit! Basically it’s your monitor, thermometer, night light, sounds show and that piece of paper you use to record feed times rolled into one. I would highly recommend this monitor to all parents."
Carol Smith, 29, Lincs    

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