Welcome Back!

Welcome back to LivingwithKids, the blog from KidStart – designed to help you and your family get through the week unscathed and with money in your pocket!

LivingwithKids is being designed with a new look to accompany our new editors. Let us introduce them here prior to the new blog design to be launched in July.

We are your new blog writers, Amanda Blinkhorn and Anita Naik.

Amanda is a journalist and mother of four who will be tackling the financial side of family life. She drifted through life on the edge of her overdraft until she became a mother and realised that running out of money for nappies was Not An Option. She’s been getting her financial act together ever since, and will be sharing her triumphs and mistakes on the blog along with moneysaving tips and deals from KidStart all through the week.

Anita is a writer, columnist and author a string of hit teen books as well as the gorgeously decadent “Lazy Girl’s Guide” series. Anita’s frankly fabulous views on family life have been brightening up our television screens and glossy magazines since before Gwynnie bore fruit.

Together we will be working with KidStart, the family shopping club which rewards your kids with savings as you shop, to ensure that you look after their future. And our Livingwithkids Blog will bring you fun along the way. We will try to help you to do the very best for your children, financially, practically, and emotionally.

Between us we have probably seen it all, and if we can come out of it if not actually covered in glory, then at least un-tagged, then we’re happy to share whatever slivers of wisdom we may have picked up on the way. But this show and tell stuff goes both ways, so we will be expecting a daily supply of encouraging or not so encouraging feedback from you. The funniest/scariest/most toe-curling tales will make it onto the blog.

So, welcome back  to LivingwithKids and thanks for joining us, tell your family and friends to follow us – and if we’ve all made it to the end of the week with food on the table, at least one person at home prepared to eat it, and a fiver left for a family movie, then we reckon we’ve done our job.

Meet you here on Monday and hope to hear from you too !

The Team at KidStart