We’re down to the final four – who do you think should win this year’s XFactor?

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OK admittedly I was a bit distracted by the sight of Puck and Finn on tonight’s XFactor *cough* (I’m so going to see Glee the musical ) but all that aside, we’re now down to the final four.

So who do you want to win?

I actually liked Cher to begin with, but for me her singing has been up and down. I know One Direction are probably going to win. Matt is cute and very talented. For me, Rebecca has the edge. She should win, although she probably won't.

But I’d love to know what you think. Who’s your winner?

written by Liz Jarvis


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6 Responses to We’re down to the final four – who do you think should win this year’s XFactor?

  1. Gigi says:

    I’d like to think we the great unwashed public would win. But I suspect it’s going to be either Rebecaa (and who could grumble right) or One Direction (etc etc). Cardle started strong and Cher is too marmite to get it. But, oh well it’s not like it’s real or anything… (goes off to do something real like watch The Nation’s Fave Abba Song)

  2. Tara says:

    I don’t watch XFactor but watched one audition show and saw Rebecca on it and said ‘wow’. Then I watched her again on a truly awful ‘Elton John themed’ show and thought she was the only singer there with something about her. The much lauded X Factor. All the others? Can’t sing, dullsville or heard it all before.

  3. Exmoorjane says:

    Tricky one. One Direction are deeply boring IMHO (but the girlies will all vote for them). Rebecca and Matt both have FABULOUS voices and Rebecca IS pure class (I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, showing just how closely I’ve been watching). Cher though, I confess I really like….she doesn’t have the vocal purity of Rebecca but she IS just a bit different. I also really loathe the whole ‘HATE CHER’ campaigns that seem to hurtling around. Nasty. Sooooo……it won’t happen but I’d rather like her to win.

  4. Melaina25 says:

    Rebecca has a good recording voice but the girl can be as boring as watching paint dry when she performs–last night was a prime example of this. I think One Direction will and should win because they work hard and little girls love them.

  5. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I’d be happy if either Rebecca, Matt or One Direction won. I think they’re all good. I imagine One Direction will win though. I’ve never been impressed with Cher. I find her a cocky drama queen and if she was able to drop the diva act, I think she might actually do well.

  6. LAURA says:

    I love Matt, he has a fabulous voice and a great personality, and he seems grounded enough to be able to cope with the pressures of fame. Rebecca bores me, yes ok she does have a good voice but she just doesn’t appeal to me. Cher – I loved her first audition but since then she’s become more and more average – I think she’s being morphed into your typical X factor winner. I think I’m too old to appreciate One Direction but I’m sure if I were 14 I’d think they were fab! So – I’d love Matt to win but sadly I don’t think he will.


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