How to cut the cost of raising kids

A report came out yesterday that said it now costs £200k to raise a child. £200k! While I think that’s probably really only the case for a very small percentage of the population there’s no getting away from the fact that raising kids IS expensive. Even with the most careful budgeting, there is always something to buy – clothes, shoes, toys, books, games, clothes, shoes, toys… and that’s without factoring in anything like holidays and um… university *eek*. In her fab book the catchily titled ‘How To Afford Time Off with Your baby’ (available from Waterstones) full-time mum Becky Goddard-Hill gives 101 ways to ease the financial strain of having kids. Like me, she’s a fan of online grocery shopping to save money, stocking up and she also has some really cool tips on cutting the cost of children’s parties, saving for your baby’s future (don’t forget KidStart is a great way to do this) and cheaper Christenings, plus lots more. You can also find expert tips  here and advice on how to make sure you and your friends are getting everything you’re entitled to here. *What are your favourite money saving tips? Share them below: written by Liz Jarvis