What are your favourite Disney movies?

I’ve been a fan of Disney movies since my parents took me to see Snow White at the age of three. It’s something that runs in our family – my grandfather used to draw pictures of Mickey Mouse and friends to entertain my dad and his siblings during the war (sadly these were lost years ago), and No 1 Son and his cousins love the films too. I remember that when I took an animation class years ago the teacher told us that what makes Disney films so unique is that the characters move like they would if they were real, and she was absolutely right.

Anyway, so as the weather outside for the past fortnight has been less than delightful, we’ve been snuggling up on the sofa catching up with some of our favourite movies on Disney Blu-ray. One of the best things about Blu-ray is it turns your TV into a cinema – you can see the clarity and colours of the animation in stunning detail, it’s just awesome, and I can just imagine how amazed my dad and grandad would have been if they'd been around to see it. I’m totally addicted.

Here, in no particular order, are our current top five Disney Blu-ray movies – just click on the film’s title to see the full review:

Alice in Wonderland …. 

The Princess and the Frog … 

Of course we’ve also been watching Toy Story 1 and 2, because they were excellent preparation for 
Toy Story 3, and then when we’d seen that, because we just wanted to watch the whole trilogy all over again. We'll probably keep going with these movies forever!



And if you're in need of an uplifting movie, and your kids are old enough to cope with slightly more mature themes, then I'd definitely recommend Up.

What are your favourite Disney movies? I'd love to know. 

written by Liz Jarvis