What do the cuts mean to you?

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Apparently mums are the ones who are going to lose out the most from the cuts  announced by the Government yesterday. The new working tax threshold for working tax credits will affect  many families; the child benefits cut will affect many single parents; and I know many families who are worried about the job cuts in the public sector, too.

So I really want to know. Are you a loser? What do the cuts mean to you? Or do you support the cuts? Is it as bad as we feared – or is it much, much worse?

written by Liz Jarvis


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3 Responses to What do the cuts mean to you?

  1. Debbie says:

    We are over the threshold for most tax credits, so the only thing wae are going to lose is child benefit. I will feel it, as we do have outgoings to match our income, so I will have to find some cuts somewhere. But I absolutely support the reason for the cuts – I’ve got used to having child benefit, but I must admit when I first found out I was entitled to it I thought it was crazy. So I will swallow it. I feel sorry for people that can’t afford it as much as we can, but I also think that we have been living beyond our means for so long its time to face up to reality.

  2. JAne says:

    I will be ok thanks to finally geting my divorce settlement (after almost 6 years of trying and 2 years unemployment whereby I was entitld to no jobseekers because i got child maintenance for my two children (after 3 years of trying). What scares me is how deep the cuts will hit services and that if university fees go up to compensate for cuts in funding there is no way that my two children (my daughter s 14, son 11) will be able to go to university no matter how good their grades. I also fear that many childcare providers fees will have to go up so much ta many mothers on their own simpl wil not be able to afford to work. I realise there had to be cuts however feel that he billionaires who got rich on the back on the good times should be paying more and that mps food allowance and pay should be cut to show willing (their daily food allowance is more than jobseekers!!). I also resent the ideology that says only lazy people are unemployed for more than one year – if ur a single mother that has to work around the children and childcare providers you cant take a job til 2 in the morning unless you have backup – which many of us don’t – and I was someone who worked hard and paid taxes for over 25 years before trying to claim any benefit. and have found it really hard to get employment again despite my qualifications and experience – and not for lack of trying as do manyother people in the country. I also head no mention of MP’s pensions being adjusted in line wth their plans for other public sector workers. I really fear for the future – and for the future of teenagers now

  3. Lorraine The Party Times says:

    Am really unhappy about the way this cut is happening as it does not appear to have been thought through – are we trying to encourage more mums to work instead of spending time at home bringing up their children!


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