What Do You Find Most Challenging About Parenthood?

A new poll from DryNites has listed 50 of the most challenging aspects of parenthood. Unsurprisingly, the survey of 2,000 mums shows that sleepless nights, tantrums, starting school and keeping on top of housework are top of most mums lists. Alongside, this getting your kids to eat the right foods, potty training, and leaving your kids for the first time also score highly. The list could probably have gone on to 200 or more, and I think child psychologist Emma Kenny spokesperson for DryNites, is right when she says: “There are some challenges you expect when you embark on parenthood, but  I don’t think anyone can be prepared for how many issues and stressful situations you will face over the years – from the baby and toddler stage and throughout a child’s school life.” From my own perspective I didn’t factor in just how long the sleepless nights would go on for, how much I would worry about my kids on a daily basis (and I’m not even the worrying type) and the huge expense of childcare. Friends tell me their parental challenges range from all of the above to dealing with the work/life balance, and mummy guilt. In many way it’s reassuring to know we all find the same thing challenging especially as in the midst of something difficult it can feel as if you’re all alone, and the only parent going through this. It’s one reason why I find parenting forums and blogs so helpful and confidence boosting. But how about you? What do you find challenging about parenthood and how do you cope? Let me know.