What Do You Think of Celebrity Mothers?

I’m not a massive fan of Katie Price, but her column in this week’s Sun on Sunday really made me laugh. Commenting on Victoria Beckham’s interview in Harper’s Bazaar where Katie Price rightly retorted, “I think the Californian sunshine is sending Victoria senile” in response to VB claiming she “models her own collection because she represents the general public.” I don’t know about you but size 6, multi-millionaire Victoria Beckham doesn’t represent me in the fashion or mothering stakes. Her dresses, which are worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams and Elle MacPherson cost around £1300.00 pounds more than most peoples monthly rent/mortgage and she’s about as big as my left thigh (okay probably smaller than that). Why do these celebrity mothers keep trying to assure us that they are just like us? They’re not. I know this from interviewing many of them. The ones who say they don’t have a nanny, yet are always on TV and in magazines clearly do have someone doing their childcare. Magazine shoots take all day and TV even longer so I guarantee you there is a granny/au pair at home doing all the hard graft. As for the celebrity mum who told me she lost the three stone she put on during pregnancy by eating muffins from Starbucks it’s interesting to note she was in the studio with us all day from 9 am to 5 and only drank black coffee (*made with mineral water)!!!! On the whole I don’t think any of us are fooled by celebrity mums telling us they’re just like us so I wish they’d all give it a break. If they’re going to talk about motherhood I am much more in favour of hearing what motherhood is like alongside fame. Do these women feel guilty like us? How do they handle their kids while the paparazzi are next to them? And do they worry about how fame will affect their kids? Which is why I am now going to stick up for VB who also said in the same article that “I would like all our kids to use the fame they have – which they don’t have through choice, but through us – to make a difference. They aren’t spoilt or kids who find everything super-super easy. They’re disciplined and well mannered and that’s very important to us.” So are you a fan of VB after hearing that? If not who’s your favourite celebrity mother and why? Let me know.