What I’d really like Katie to do next…

If like me you happened to be procrastinating and watching The Wright Stuff this morning then you would have heard Katie Price ringing in to discuss the latest revelation from her Not Very Private Life, which has of course been splashed all over the newspapers, TV and the web yet again.

I'm not going to go into detail about this new story because at some point her three kids are going to read all this stuff. But I have to say it's totally beyond me why she can't put a sock in it for a bit and just concentrate on being a mum.

Most of us would love to be so rich we could just devote ourselves to taking care of our children for a few months (I'm not saying forever, I realise how ambitious she is). She has more money than any of us could possibly dream of, her family's future is secure, so it can't be that.

So, does she really need attention that badly she feels the need to keep disclosing every single intimate detail? Or is it some sort of new celebrity cult where they have to tell everyone everything to achieve immortality?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

written by Liz Jarvis