What I’d really like Katie to do next…

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If like me you happened to be procrastinating and watching The Wright Stuff this morning then you would have heard Katie Price ringing in to discuss the latest revelation from her Not Very Private Life, which has of course been splashed all over the newspapers, TV and the web yet again.

I'm not going to go into detail about this new story because at some point her three kids are going to read all this stuff. But I have to say it's totally beyond me why she can't put a sock in it for a bit and just concentrate on being a mum.

Most of us would love to be so rich we could just devote ourselves to taking care of our children for a few months (I'm not saying forever, I realise how ambitious she is). She has more money than any of us could possibly dream of, her family's future is secure, so it can't be that.

So, does she really need attention that badly she feels the need to keep disclosing every single intimate detail? Or is it some sort of new celebrity cult where they have to tell everyone everything to achieve immortality?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

written by Liz Jarvis


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12 Responses to What I’d really like Katie to do next…

  1. Chris says:

    It isn’t rocket science. Step 1. A paper / magazine pays her for a story Step 2. She makes money Step 3. People buy the paper / magazine Step 4. You (and many others) write a blog about the story Step 5. More people buy the paper / magazine Step 6. The paper / magazine makes money Step 7. The paper / magazine pays her MORE for her next story Step 8. She makes MORE money Step 9. People buy the paper / magazine ……and so on….. Almost in the same sentence you mention "she has more money than any of us could dream off" AND "does she really need attention that badly". The two are inextricably linked. She only HAS the money because she GETS the attention – the sadest statement of all on today’s society. If people honestly wanted to stop hearing about her then all they have to do is to stop buying any paper or magazine with her on the cover. She would dissappear in a matter of weeks. My hope is that people will finally wake up and realise this and we can get rid of her (and her kind) forever….but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Caroline says:

    I’d love for her, and her kind, to disappear down a very deep dark hole. I personally don’t buy any paper/magazine, or watch anything on telly, with her or her ex in. You could tell from the moment they were on I’m a Celebrity that they were nothing but plastic dolls, willing to make as much money and grab as much attention as they could. They make very bad role models for our children, who think that if you’re spray tanned and have plastic surgery to enlarge parts of your body then they’ll instantly become celebrities. Just isn’t reality for most.

  3. kazza says:

    Sorry to be in the minority but I absolutely love Katie Price and can’t get enough of her reality TV show and stories and interviews with her. Yes, she’s behaving wildly at the moment but she’s been through a hard time. She has a disabled son, had been dumped by every man she’s ever been with – and this time publicly by the man I thought she would be with forever. Katie/Jordan is a business woman now and a very successful one but she is like most other reality TV stars – they don’t think anything is real unless they’ve done it/said it on camera or to the press. Every time she goes on a magazine/newspaper cover sales rocket because she – and every aspect of her life – fascinates the great British public, me included. Good discussion point but more people need to say what they really think – that Katie still rocks. She’s our guilty pleasure!

  4. Colette says:

    I think its wonderful for a mum to be ambitious but surely her main priority is her children? I had some respect for her a while back when she seemed to be happily married but she didn’t have a nanny and seemed to be doing a good job. Now, I think she’s totally self-obsessed, lost the plot and so insecure that she obviously needs to constantly shock in order to get attention. If I had half her money i’d spend as much time with my child but still have some me time. Our children need us so much more than ever in today’s messed up societies. Children need to know they are safe, and need good role modesl in their lives. What sort of role model is Katie?

  5. Andrea says:

    I guess her P.R people have a lot to answer to. I really used to dislike her, but after ‘I’m a celebrity’ I thought she was OK. Now…well I don’t read any of the papers or magazines that she’s in and I suppose they make a lot of stuff up, but maybe people would feel for her more if it was her being pictured playing in the park with her kids and not falling out of her dress/bar/nightclub!

  6. Very Bored Housewife says:

    I’d quite like her to drop off the face of the earth.

  7. lorraine says:

    I think she is beyond horrible and I have nothing but sympathy for her poor children….what must they think is going on around them?

  8. Whistlejacket says:

    I find her incredibly annoying and there’s also something quite tragic about someone living every detail of their life in the public eye. She’s not the first or the last, and I often find myself asking what’s wrong with someone to crave this much attention. Maybe it’s addictive? I agree that she needs to think about her children now, I hope they can grow up out of the publicity glare but sadly they’re being dragged into it. They’re too young to choose whether to be filmed or on a magazine cover, it’s sad.

  9. nixdminx says:

    Me and my daughter sat next to her in Gordon’s bar in Selfridges a couple of years ago. We always go there on Christmas eve for an ice cream float and glass of champers. I didn’t recognise her at first; shopping bags, baby buggy, f*ck me heels on but otherwise quite demure and very well turned out. She asked the staff to heat a jar of baby food for her daughter. She was just being herself. But, she also has an alter ego and that is being mightily unleashed right now- a quasi super heroine isn’t she? A fascinating character of our times.

  10. Insomniac Mummy says:

    I can honestly say I haven’t heard her latest. I’m so out of the loop with these things. She is a very media savvy lady indeed but I’m really not interested in her one little bit. 🙂

  11. sam says:

    Media savvy she definitely has been – up until now I’d say. I didn’t like her as Jordan and softened towards her as Katie Price and Peter Andre. And as it turned out they were no more than that – simply a brand. Now I’d say she’s back to being Jordan – her TRUE self and I like her no more…I have given up listening/reading to the ‘latest’ on either of them – it just sickens me.

  12. Caroline says:

    I think a lot of people (myself included) find her fascinating whilst also thinking she is one of the most vile, common, self-centred and terminally thick individuals I’ve ever come across. Not to mention an appalling mother and role model. It’s kind of like when you slow down and look as you pass a car accident on the motorway, even though you know you shouldn’t. That said, I grudgingly admire the fact she’s done so well for herself.


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