What makes a man a good dad?

Man of the House probably thinks he chose me to be the mother of his offspring. I don't mind him thinking that, but the truth is I chose him. It wasn't just that he was attractive and looked good in a pair of jeans (although that definitely helped). But it was also because I knew we shared the same values and that he would be an excellent dad. Fortunately I was right.

But I know a few men who, on paper at least you would think would make good dads, but have actually fallen woefully short of their partner's expectations in every respect – financial, domestic, nurturing. Of course their children idolise them, which suggests a worrying pattern will be formed, particularly with their sons.

Anyway, with Father's Day a few weeks away, I've been thinking about what makes a man a good dad. Here are my top two non-negotiables – I'd love to hear what you think, too:

*to be a provider for his family – emotionally and preferably financially as well (although of course if he's a Stay At Home Dad that's fine too)

*respect for the mother (this is absolutely paramount, even if the couple have separated)

written by Liz Jarvis