What we thought of Disney’s Tangled

Just before Christmas we were invited to a preview of the new Disney animation Tangled. Here’s what we thought:

I’ve always been a huge fan of the fairy story of Rapunzel – I remember having a battered old Ladybird book which me and my sister would read for hours (we may have borrowed it from the library and ‘forgotten’ to give it back, *cough*.) So we couldn’t wait to take the kids to see Tangled.

From the off this is clear that this is traditional Disney – classic villain, heroine, hero (after a fashion) and some lovely songs.

The plot sees a witch worried about losing her looks and youth stealing a baby princess because her hair has magical, anti-ageing properties – if she could bottle it she’d make a fortune – and locking the little girl in a tower.  Where poor Rapunzel would probably stay for the rest of her life, with only a clever chameleon for company, if it wasn’t for the unexpected arrival of a bandit known as Flynn Ryder just before her 18th birthday.

At first glance Flynn appears vain, superficial and money-obsessed (and he is).  

  But as he gets to know Rapunzel he starts to understand that some things are more important than gold (lovely message there).
Will the gorgeous duo be able to defeat the evil witch and will Rapunzel be reunited with her family?  Well, I think you can guess the outcome, but you’ll have great fun reaching the conclusion.

We absolutely loved Tangled. By the end of it both Harriet (13) and I were sobbing (but of course there IS a Happy Ending).


Ben, seven, said he thought it was very funny and he liked the horse alot (the horse is quite a big character). 

The songs are great, the animation is fab (we saw it in 3D, fantastic), and the whole thing rips along at a pleasing pace. The entire audience clapped at the end, and there was hardly a peep from all the kids the whole way through, which should tell you all you need to know.

I predict lots of Rapunzel princesses at fancy dress parties up and down the land this year. 5 stars.

*Disney’s Tangled opens on 28 January.

written by Liz Jarvis