What Will Your Kid Be When He/She Grows Up?

It seems 65% of our kids are going to end up in jobs not even invented yet according to a new infographic from the soon to be launched parent technology site Quib.ly.
2012 (you) vs. 2025 (your kid)
It’s all down to emerging technologies, which by the time our children start working will have created a wealth of jobs most of us have never seen outside a Sci-Fi film. As a result of this we may be saying goodbye to traditional jobs such as stockbrokers, bankers, insurance salesmans and hello instead to jobs such as Tissue Engineers, Gene Programmers and Data Miners. It may sound daunting but the fact is it’s happening already. My own husband is an App designer and a User Experience Information Architect – which is basically the person who plots a journey through a website or App, so that you (the user) doesn’t get annoyed at how long it’s taking and go somewhere else. A mum friend at school is a virtual assistant – which is  a PA who works for a variety of companies but remotely from home. And another person I know is a Global Mobility Consultant, which is a posh way of saying he helps big companies relocate their staff all over the world. It makes me wonder what my own children will end up doing. My five year old currently wants to be a vet and the two year old a train driver. Will these jobs exist in twenty years time? I’m thinking the vet will but the train driver probably won’t. Does it worry me that as a parent I’m not prepared for the future? Not really because I know that even if you want to channel your children in one career direction it’s unlikely this is where they’ll end up. Personally I think what’s important is not what they’ll be doing as adults but making sure now they get a wide and full education that gives them choices further down the line. But what do you think your kids will be when they grow up? Are you worried? Let us know your thoughts.