What’s the first book you can remember reading as a kid?

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Even though it was *cough cough* years ago, I can still remember how much I Ioved this book when I was a kid.
Appley Dapply’s Nursery Rhymes by Beatrix Potter

  In fact all of Miss Potter’s tales continued to delight me and my sister when we were little. And I can’t tell you how magical it was to watch No 1 Son learning to read from the same dog-eared copies of those much-loved books.

Today of course is World Book Day, a chance to celebrate reading and the wonderful world it opens up for our kids.

But what was the first book you remember reading as a child? I’d love to know.

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written by Liz Jarvis


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11 Responses to What’s the first book you can remember reading as a kid?

  1. Sara Sheridan says:

    My memory is of where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak. My mother is dyslexic but my father used to read to us at bedtime – he was a little clueless sometimes about the stories kids like to hear. He read us Puck of Pook’s Hill when I was about 4 and I remember thinking I couldn’t understand many of the words, but it was nice to hear his voice!

  2. Bev says:

    The book I first remember reading and loving was Matilda by Rould Dahl. I loved all of his books but thought Matilda was magical. I was a lso an avid reader of Enid Blyton books especially the Faraway Tree series.

  3. Claire Clint says:

    I taught myself to read at the age of 3, much to the surprise of my parents! By the time I was 6 I was reading the same books as some of the 11 year olds in my school. I was an avid reader & kept some of my favourite childrens books, which I have recently found in a box & given to my children! They love my childhood favourites including The Magic Faraway Tree, Ramona, My Naughty Little Sister, The Little Matchgirl & The Secret Seven! My 8 year old has gone to school today dressed as Saucepan Man from The Magic Faraway Tree!

  4. geekmummy says:

    I still have my (very much loved) copy of The Little Wooden Horse ready to pass to my children when I am older. I loved it!

  5. Carolinesweetie says:

    I don’t think any book will top the faraway tree series. I loved it when I first read it. I buy it for family and friends kids. I have read it to both my boys and my 10 yr old son has read it himself. The joy is unending.I love it.

  6. Pippa says:

    Me and my dad alway read When we were very yong by A.A.Milne on a night i’ve still got my dads copy that I read to my son..

  7. Heather says:

    I think my favourites were Famous Five, anything by Roald Dahl and all the school books by Enid Blyton 🙂 Will be passing those on to my children!

  8. Hot Cross Mum says:

    I adored the Beatrix Potter books too but my fondest memories are of reading Winnie The Pooh – I still have the box set of the 4 books which I bought with some pocket money on holiday in Stow on the Wold (our holidays were not so exotic back then!) and I have recently started reading the same books to my five -year-old. A lovely memory for me.

  9. pennie says:

    oddly one of the books I first remember reading like the first commentor was "Where the Wild Things Are"…I was about 4.5, there were probably others but that one stuck in my mind…It was one of the first books I ever bought after my son was born as I wanted it to be part of his childhood too

  10. Vicky says:

    The first book I remember reading was "How a Baby is Made"! Another favourite when I was very young was "Meg & Mog" by Jan Pienkowski children’s book. They were so simple but had wonderful illustrations and were very entertaining. I now enjoy reading them with my DS3.

  11. georga says:

    one of my all time fav,s, I still to this day have a box set that ive had now over 20 years,love looking back on how great it was,it will always put a smile on my face.x


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