What’s your favourite love song – and do couples need to like the same music?

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Last year one of my friend's husbands booked tickets for them to go and see a band in concert as a surprise. It was a band she had hardly heard of and didn't particularly like – they had one hit in the mid-90s. 'Why didn't he ask me first?' she told me. In the end, she refused to go and he ended up going with a mate. Not surprisingly, perhaps, they've been going through a bit of a rocky patch recently.

With Valentine's Day approaching fast, there are numerous love songs CDs on offer. So it got me thinking. What's your favourite love song? And does it matter if couples don't like the same music? How important is music to a relationship? I'd love to know what you think.

Meanwhile, here's one of my favourite love songs – probably the only thing I have in common with Gwyneth Paltrow, who it was written for. Enjoy.

written by Liz Jarvis


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15 Responses to What’s your favourite love song – and do couples need to like the same music?

  1. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    I have two for my husband and I…"Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones as it was popular in 2005 when we got together and was one that we quoted to each other in text messages after our first weekend together in Paris. The second is by American Country Music star Keith Urban and it’s called "Making Memories of Us" and is the perfect song that mirrors our relationship. It was the song we danced to at our wedding. My hubby and I have quite similar music tastes but then again he also likes Linkin Park (I don’t particularly) & Green Day (alright but not my style) and I like Celine Dion (don’t hate me). I adore Coldplay’s "Fix You"…it’s so lovely. I don’t think you have to like the same music but it’s a bit easier to have pleasant road trips if you don’t MIND eachothers music. 🙂 Karin

  2. Brit In Bosnia says:

    Van Morrison’s Crazy Love. My brothers sang it for us as to dance to as our first dance at our wedding, always will have a special place for us.

  3. Sam says:

    There is a song I love, by a well-known South African singer. The song is called Standing on the edge. Have a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-QtKJKWTSM

  4. G says:

    I love "It must be Love" by Labi Siffre, the Madness version is ok but the original by Siffre is fantastic imo.

  5. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I have quite a few love songs which I enjoy but to name one it would have to be "The First Time Ever I saw Your Face". I’m not keen on the Roberta Flack version which I think is the original, but I love the version sung by George Michael and later, Celine Dion. We danced to the Celine version at our wedding. And even more romantically, I walked up the aisle to meet James to the grand piano playing it. OMG, that still brings tears to my eyes.

  6. Cem says:

    its got to be The Cure, Lovesong.

  7. Trish @ Mum's Gone to says:

    All my favourite love songs are from the old musicals. "Somewhere" from West Side Story, "If I loved you" from Carousel, "People will say we’re in love" from Oklahoma. I suspect my husband hates them all as I sing them all the time. But I love him anyway.

  8. nappyvalleygirl says:

    I love Coldplay too, and U2 ‘All I want is you’ has to be a favourite. Sinead O Connor – Nothing compares to U I’m also a sucker for Gloria Estefan ‘Anything for you’ and ‘Don’t wanna lose you now’. etc! Slushy as heck but I love her voice. My husband is more of a classical music lover….but I like to feel I have educated him in ‘popular music’!…..

  9. stupidgirl_no1 says:

    "Our song" used to be Truely, Madly Deeply by Savage Garden but is now Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Hubby proposed to me during James at T in the Park music festival so I would say music is very important in our relationship. We like a lot of the same things but then he likes things like Katherine Jenkins and classical as well whereas I adore Kasabian and he doesn’t rate them! We always have a stack of cds in the car and often watch MTV together so I think we’d be lost without music!

  10. Natalie says:

    Really anything by Al Green or Luther Vandross. Also Michael Jackson’s Lady In My Life. Not sure if it matters about having the same musical taste. An awareness of each others tastes helps though and it is great to be able to enjoy music together. The boyf gets me to listen to jazz sometimes and I get him to flex up to some rap – LOL. We also sing for entire long journeys in the car which is always a laugh.

  11. A Modern Mothr says:

    Van Morrison’s "Brown-eyed girl". Thanks for reminding me, I have listened to it for a long time.

  12. 21st Century Mummy says:

    My favourite "love" song is Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra. We chose it for our first dance on our Wedding Day. http://www.21stcenturymummy.com

  13. Sandy Calico says:

    Generally Andy and I listen to completely different music. We got together because of Elvis however (long story), so it was fitting that the first dance at our wedding was ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’. Andy sings ‘The Wonder of You’ to me whenever we do karaoke. Brings a tear to my eye every time – he’s tone deaf 😉

  14. Sam says:

    Underneath your clothes by Shakira – and of course our first dance: Elvis Presley’s Can’t help falling in love. We love lots of the same music, but we also have completely different tastes in music – I like a punk/American rock edge and he’s for dance beats and club mixes. But we both absolutely love jazz and R n B sounds…it works for us.

  15. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I don’t really know, I’d have to have a good think about it. My husband is 20 years old than me so it’s inevitable that we don’t have the same taste in music. I’m very boring with my music as Iisten to the same ones. Hang on, there’s one coming to me right now; Amazing, by Luther Vandross. Gorgeous song. CJ xx


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