What’s Your Mum Pick-Me-Up?

What makes you feel good when you’re down? Currently I am going through a very tired, I-wish-my-kids-would-sleep-through phase of motherhood, which as many mums and dads know equals zero energy and a flagging self esteem. Not being a drinker who can relieve my stress with wine I’ve been thinking about what had made me feel better in past exhausted mum phases. In previous years exercise has worked wonderfully making me feel fitter and happier and just more able to cope. Though that’s off the cards right now due to new working patterns and a husband who works late most weeks. Online shopping for new season items has also helped though budget wise that’s also not really an option. So my current make-myself-feel-good  treat is to get a gel manicure every three weeks (a bargain at £15 – so £5 a week). Aside from making my nails look wonderful it fools me into thinking I am a much more groomed than I actually am! Asking about one mother tells me she buys a new lipstick every week, another a packet of giant buttons at 7.30 pm gets her through her day and another tells me a weekly blow dry at the hairdressers is her mum-treat. I say whatever gets you through the day whether it be watching half an hour of Eastenders, lunching out or having a crush on someone inappropriate (three mothers tell me they go down this path). So I am interested – when you’re feeling tired, fed up and exhausted what do you use as your  mum (or dad) pick-me-up? Let me know.