Where Are You Going On Your Summer Hols?

Where are you going on holiday this year? If the news reports are to be believed, the next two weeks are so depressing most of us lighten the load by booking our summer holiday. However, this year with less money and more expenses it’s likely many families are hesitating about where to go. Many mums I know are searching for somewhere that won’t blow the budget but still gives you value for money. Last year we tried staycationing (*where you holiday at home). Sadly I wouldn’t recommend it as it cost way more than a holiday away once I factored in days out, meals out, swimming trips etc. Another mum I know tried camping but actually chose glamping (otherwise known as very-expensive-camping) and ended up spending £££’s to stay in a wooden hut (okay it was a yurt) with a few cushions thrown about for comfort. I have to say my five year old has very strong ideas about where we should go and is very taken by the Haven advert. The one where a kid is telling his class all about his holiday and you get a glimpse of his perfect family holiday. After lots of ‘please mum’s’ I did take a look online and was surprised to see the type of holiday that reminded me of my own childhood, where summer was all about being silly and literally jumping in and out of water with joy all day. The funny thing is having been to some pretty OTT 5 star places in my time (I used to be a travel journalist), it’s the childhood holidays that stick more clearly in my memory. So for  those who haven’t heard of  Haven  – they have over 35 seaside holiday parks for families around the UK. These parks are open from March and offer a variety of family orientated things (depending on where you go) from outdoor pursuits, to a range of swimming pools, sporting activities and even spas and gold masterclasses. Accommodation is either in deluxe huge caravans that offer space, home comforts and privacy, or holiday homes and chalets. But what wins it for me is the price. A seven-night stay in Devon for June is just £377.00 (and that’s in a caravan that sleeps up to 6 people)!! I’m not sure that’s a price you can beat anywhere, certainly not in self catering places which seem to cost in excess of £700 a week in high season, or in B&B’s which still have some pretty draconian rules that don’t work if you have small children. I’m convinced (so too are plenty of other mums as it seems that since the ad launched on Boxing Day, January bookings are up 50% from the same period in 2010). So if you’re stuck for where to go do give them a look and see if it ticks all your summer holiday boxes.