Which Desperate Housewife would you be (if you had to choose)?

Did you catch Desperate Housewives on Channel 4 last night? I know I keep saying it should have finished a few series ago but I still enjoy it.

I don’t really have very much in common with the ladies of Wisteria Lane but it got me thinking about which Desperate Housewife I’m most similar to.

Not Bree – I’m not nearly tidy or houseproud enough. I’m certainly not glamorous enough to be Gabby.

Lynette maybe – but I don’t *think* I’m as pious as she is. Nor do I have six children, or however many she has now.


No, on balance it would have to be Susan. Chaotic, likes a gossip, devoted mum? Yep, that’s me.

written by Liz Jarvis