Who looks after your kids?

Now the holiday season is upon us, it doesn’t surprise me to hear that research conducted by Leger Holidays has found half of British families depend on grandparents for childcare during the summer period. In amongst the families I know that number is even higher with some grandparents even taking their grandkids abroad without parents in tow. It all sounds idyllic (well from a parent’s point of view) but the survey also hints at the truth that looking after grandchildren is stressful, worrying and somewhat tiring for grandparents. http://www.flickr.com/photos/makelessnoise/ So if your parents are doing the lion’s share of childcare this summer, it might help to know that Leger and the grandparenting community website Grannynet have come up with a free booklet, The Grandparents Guide to a Great Getaway. It’s packed with tops tips to help grandparents cope from people who have been there and done that. The guide is split into helpful sections including: planning, packing, on the move, holiday essentials with top tips including: • Always make sure you know exactly where the local hospital and doctors are located. You will enjoy your holiday much more with peace of mind. • For long journeys pack a goody bag for each child to keep their interest. • When booking a holiday check out whether assistance is available with luggage. If not, ensure your bag is on wheels and easy to pull. Remember you may also be holding hands with a little one or pushing a buggy! My own best tips for leaving kids with grandparents include: • Pre-departure threats and bribes to kids to ensure good behaviour for at least half an hour. • Showing grandparents how to fold pushchair, undo pushchair, and install car seat while holding a child. • Listing foods that won’t be eaten/should be eaten. • Telling grandparents what’s most likely to kick off a tantrum and how to solve it! • Sending granny a BIG present for all her help. So what are your best tips for grandparents looking after grandkids this summer? Let us know. Anita Deal of the day: Increased savings of up to 5% at Clarks, grab all your Back to School gear now!