Who sends their kids to school on energy drinks?

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Last week we came across an article in the BBC about pupils breakfasting on energy drinks. 

With the news that energy drinks can change a person’s heartbeat and statistics that one in twenty kids go to school on a can of energy drink instead of a good breakfast – is it any wonder that some kids can be disruptive in the classroom?

We have all skipped breakfast at some point and many of us rely on caffeine to get through the morning, but it’s no way for our children to be going to school. Many of you probably already know the stresses and strains of the morning rush – trying to get the kids ready and out the door in time is often manic, but is it fair that their breakfast, and potentially their health and concentration at school, should be affected as a result?

We came up with some simple, practical suggestions to help you organise your morning routines in case you’re struggling.

1) Prepare the night before:  Any bags, homework, packed lunches, uniforms & PE kits – get them all ready to go the evening before.

2) Have a bed-time and stick to it – kids need a lot of sleep and if you are struggling to get them out of bed, try getting them to bed earlier. Some families are particularly strict when it comes to watching T.V or playing computer games after 6pm. You may find that this helps them calm down and therefore go to bed easier. Having a bath or a shower is also great.

3) Keep stocked up with breakfast essentials – it’s amazing how much cereal and milk a couple of kids can get through! Keeping stocked up and buying milk the day before if you’re running low, will avoid mad breakfast time rush to the corner shop for milk.

4) Mix it up a bit – did you know you can make scrambled eggs in a microwave in about 2 minutes? It’s super easy and means you don’t have to bother with a pan and wooden spoon.

5) As your kids get older teach them how to be more independent in their morning routine – including making their own healthy breakfasts.

A great way to get organised is to set-up a regular weekly groceries delivery. With Waitrose (up to 2% back for your kids when you shop through KidStart) you can set-up a recurring order to make sure you’re never out of breakfast essentials.

What are your tips? Do you allow your kids to drink these energy kids? Does your school offer a breakfast club? We’d love to hear from you.




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2 Responses to Who sends their kids to school on energy drinks?

  1. Margaret Glen says:

    Government should be looking at providing (some) children with breakfast, instead of all under 7’s with lunch! Breakfast is most important meal of the day and I know families who send their young children to school on packet crisps and can of pop! After going bed far too late, these children are the ones less likely to learn! I’ve tried teaching some of them. Their concentration span tends to be zero as they constantly daydream and even fall asleep in an active class. Save money on providing meals for children already doing well and target those children desperately in need nutritionally!

  2. Rachel Burton says:

    Totally agree Margaret. Educating parents has got to come in to it too-perhaps healthy cereals being cheaper /tax free might help?? One of my class (age 7) came to school last week having had 5 Jaffa cakes for her breakfast. Let’s spend our money (and time) on the important things eh xx


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