Who’s the (sexiest) daddy?

Well at least there's one poll result Gordon Brown can be pleased about – the LivingwithKids Sexiest Dads 2009 poll, which revealed that twice as many of you find the PM attractive as Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

But before anyone at Westminster gets too excited… just 2% of you voted for Gordon, while Nick and David polled just 1% each of the vote. Ouch.

I was slightly surprised to see that my own personal favourite on the list, Josh Holloway – aka Sawyer from Lost – tied with Peter Andre (!). And maybe because of the recent furore over his sexist comments, Gordon Ramsay won just 3 per cent of the vote.

As for the Top Three – well, 28 per cent of you voted for Brad Pitt, while  25% of you prefer David Beckham, and 18% favour Will Smith. You definitely have good taste.

Here are the results in full:

  1. Brad Pitt (28%)
  2. David Beckham (25%)
  3. Will Smith (18%)
  4. Colin Farrell (7%)
  5. Peter Andre and Josh Holloway (5%)
  6. Jude Law (4%)
  7. Philip Schofield and Gordon Ramsay (3%)
  8. Gordon Brown (2%)
  9. David Cameron and Nick Clegg (1%)

Happy Father's Day!

written by Liz Jarvis