Who’s Your Best Mum Friend And Why?

Yesterday I realised it was 6 days to Christmas and nearly had a heart attack. Aside from having a husband working abroad, I am stuck at home with one child with a very bad tummy bug. This makes for a very rushed run up to Christmas. However, what this has made me realise is how lucky I am to have mum friends. So far this week, one has done my shopping for me, another came on sick-child duty so I could make it to a work appointment and many have offered their help and support via text and calls. It’s made me realise yet again, that one of the unsung parts of motherhood is the fact it comes with a set of friends that you really couldn’t live without. When I had my eldest child and was stuck home with a newborn, I felt cut off and alone, wishing all my old friends lived nearby. However, what I didn’t realise was that having a baby gave me the chance to suddenly double my circle of friends. As the years have gone by having kids has allowed me to make an amazing amount of new friends from a variety of backgrounds. I’ve made one on the bus, another in a supermarket queue, lots at the park and of course many on the school and nursery run. Which is why it pays to remember that no matter  how alone you feel right now or how old your child is, there will always be at least one mum out there somewhere that you are destined to click with. Someone who shares your sense of humour, your take on motherhood, and is ready to hear and laugh at your gripes and mishaps. Mums who will do the pick up for you when you’re sick, and look after your child when you’re stuck in traffic. Mum friends you basically can’t live without. So who’s your best mum friend and why? Let us know.