Who’s your fantasy husband?

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Now I'm not suggesting for one minute that you should aim to run off with this person *cough* but even if you've been married since you were teenagers it's good to have a little daydream now and again. Maybe about a movie star who could treat you in a manner to which you'd like to be accustomed, for example. It's totally harmless and it's not the same as cheating. At all.

So here, in no particular order, are my fantasy husbands:

1. John Cusack

2. Jason Bateman

3. Colin Farrell.

Oh, and I'm not sharing.

Who's your fantasy husband? I'd love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis


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15 Responses to Who’s your fantasy husband?

  1. Paula says:

    I’m not sure I’m happy about this…. although there HAS to be a reason that JC is not yet wed. #justsaying Obviously I’d be hard pushed to replace my husband, and his forthcoming role as Wishy-Washy in the christmas panto practically qualifies him as a movie star, but if I was forced to decide I’d probably go for either a) Turk from Scrubs on the basis of his safety dance performance, or b) Rhod Gilbert – we’d have some laughs…(and when you and JC fall out I might just be there to pick up the pieces) x

  2. Victoria says:

    Colin Farrell? Jeez. And I thought you had taste.

  3. Shona says:

    Mine would be 1) Richard Hammond 2) Brad Pitt 3) David Conrad (guy off ghost whisperer)

  4. English Mum says:

    Okay, I know you think I’m going to say Jamie Oliver, but I only like him in a culinary capacity. It has to be: 1. David Boreanez 2. Daniel Craig 3. James Martin (I know, I know…) Oh, and I’m with Wallop – Colin Farrell? You’d spend your life cleaning up vomit. Shona – I happen to know that Richard Hammond is actually only 4’6" tall.

  5. BucksWriter says:

    Viggo Mortenson or Timothy Dalton or Richard Armitage or Stephen Moyer (as Bill in True Blood). As you can see, never given it much thought…

  6. Tara says:

    Only one: Hugh Jackman – he can bring along his Wolverine costume too And Colin Farrell? Husband material? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  7. Mrs Worthington says:

    Can we have one for every day of the week? I think I am leaning towards silver foxes. As don’t have a husband the fantasy husband post is currently vacant 1. Gorgeous George Clooney 2. Beautiful Brad Pitt 3. Rupert Penry- Jones 4. Daniel Craig 5. Hugh Laurie – now 6. Sean Connery Back in the day too 7. Tom Cruise – even though he is weird, is probably shorter than me and has a potato nose. .

  8. kerry says:

    John Cusack is all sorts of HOT. Massively agree on that one. However my hypothecical three (after Jim obvs) are as follows: 1 – Eric Bana 2 – Alexander Skarsgard 3 – John Hamm

  9. Deer Baby says:

    I just knew it was going to be Colin Farrell. Already had that one out with you on twitter. Mine would be – any of the cast of ER (I’m not fussy ) – Clooney, Goran, Carter, Dr Greene

  10. nappyvalleygirl says:

    I’ve always had a thing for Ralph Fiennes, but from what I’ve heard he ain’t husband material. John Cusack -definitely. Dr McDreamy off Grey’s. But most of all I’d like someone who could make me laugh, so it might have to be someone funny – I’ve always liked Louis Theroux.

  11. MrsLJHall says:

    Defo need at least one for each day of the week: Monday – Matt Damon Tuesday – Noah Wyle Wednesday – Ed Norton Thursday – please can I borrow Colin Farrell? Friday – Gary Sinise – as Mac Taylor Saturday – Dhruv Baker (he’s also cooking tea) Sunday – Simon Baker – as Patrick Jane That’ll do for now x

  12. marketingtomilk says:

    i’m not interested in fantast husbands. can i just have a fantasy naughty boy? in which case untie me Gael García Bernal (in Y tu mama tambien). M2Mx ps MrsLJHall – Gary Sinise, are you being serious? no no no no no. if it has to be CSI ooh the totally and utterly gorgeous Gary Dourdan, aka the lovely Warrick Brown. arrreeeeeeeeeba.

  13. Shona says:

    That’s ok English mum, I’m 4ft 11. Lol

  14. Emma - Me , The Man & The Baby says:

    Mmm Gary Sinise is my type of older guy! Gotta agree wtih everyone who has said Noah Wyle/Carter.. Yum! ;o)

  15. Rosie Scribble says:

    Did Shona say Richard Hammond?? Colin Farrell is a good choice, and George Clooney is lush. Would you be prepared to share?


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