Who’s Your Favourite Book Hero?

It’s Children’s Book Week 2012 until the 7th October, and hot on the heels of Roald Dahl Day (*last friday if you’re wondering), encouraging kids to get into reading is again in the news. This year book week is charging into battle with the theme ‘Heroes and Heroines’ and the idea is to encourage your kids to identify their favourite hero and talk about him or her.   Until recently I fear my daughter would have said Barbie, but now being in year one and reading she is beginning to see the joy in other more exciting heroes and heroines. So far her choices for heroes have been linked to her favourite books from TV shows, so Princess Celestia from My Little Pony is racing up the charts alongside the annoying Horrid Henry.  My own childhood heroes were kids the Secret Seven and a girl spy who’s name I can no longer remember. Asking around my 12 year old god daughter says Alex Rider from Anthony Hotowitz’s spy series is the ultimate hero and of course Harry Potter gets a massive thumbs up from my 8 year old nephew and his friends. Meanwhile Peppa Pig or dinosaurs reign supreme for my 2 year old no matter what I read him. If you have a child who loves reading and/or you want to inspire your child to get involved with book week check out the Booktrust website which has the Best Book Guide 2012 and fun activity ideas. All are available to download for free from Children’s Book Week. So what book heroes do you love? Let me know.