Why Is Father’s Day Less Valued Than Mother’s Day?

Is it me or are we all a bit lack lustre about Father’s Day? The kids and I were having a scout around the shops today for gifts and I couldn’t believe how dull the offerings were.

Aside from DAD mugs, ties, alcohol and unfunny t-shirts, there was so much rubbish (key rings, and bottle openers for instance) that I started to feel sorry for all the dads out there. Mother’s Day, on the other hand is uch BIG business with gifts extending all the way from beauty to jewellery and even spa treats. Even the Mother’s Day displays in my local Sainsbury’s were amazing with Cath Kidston style bunting, cool mum gifts and at least one whole aisle dedicated to gifts. By comparison the Father’s Day cards in the same store are by the cigarette stand and the “Dad’ gifts allocated a small space between the pasta aisle and baked beans. If I was a dad I’d seriously be wondering why mothers are so much more valued than fathers. Surely whatever anyone’s personal circumstances (or beliefs), both fathers and mothers should all be valued the same, seeing as in our children’s eyes we are equally important. The fact that this doesn’t happen is highlighted by the fact that there are now plans to introduce legislation to promote a child’s ongoing relationship with both parents post-seperation and divorce. Meaning legislation to register that the father’s relationship is just as important as the mother’s relationship when it comes to children. It’s something to think about this Father’s Day if you weren’t planning to go big. So what will you be doing this Sunday 18th June? Let us know.