Why January Isn’t The Most Depressing Month

Is January really the most depressing month of the year? Yes the weather is freezing, you’re broke and  your body is struggling to cope with the withdrawal of the Quality Street and mince pie diet! HOWEVER.. do we really need to hear over and over again that it’s because Christmas is over and we’re rubbish at keeping our resolutions? Just today I’ve already heard how next Monday is officially the most depressing day of the year (official because it’s the result of a silly equation that isn’t even scientific)? Aside from being an irritating thing to hear, I can’t help but think it’s insulting to those who suffer from the real thing and honestly feel depressed no matter what time of year it is. As for me, aside from the bad weather (which let’s face it happens in November, February and sometimes high summer) I don’t feel that January is a such a big disaster. It’s a fresh start, spring is round the corner, you can plan your holidays (see pic for inspiration), and you can hide all your bulges under jumpers – so what’s not to love? My kids also give the best antidote to this season of supposed gloom, they just get on with it and don’t waste time moaning about all the things January isn’t. So to combat all the things you’ll hear in the next few days – here’s 5 reasons why January isn’t the most ‘depressing’ month. 1. It’s your chance to eat well and exercise (if you want to) because everyone else is, which means there will be no one to lead you astray for at least two more weeks. 2. You can plan your holidays. Try Expedia who are not only offering up to 8% back when you book through KidStart but also have 30% off on selected holiday packages. 3. You can happily be a couch potato because (1) no one is going out  and (2) all the best TV shows are back this week. 4. It’s going snow again. Who doesn’t love a snow day (well the first one anyway)! 5. It’s only 63 days until the first day of spring!!