Why Kids Aren’t A Waste of Space

I don’t know about you but I get a bit tired of hearing how useless kids are these days. And how all they do is watch reality TV, eat junk and play computer games. It gives the impression that all of them are useless and apathetic when I think this is blatantly untrue. In recent school talks I’ve done I’ve found both tweens and teens both interested and interesting on a range of subjects from politics to environmental issues and more personal issues. In one school a bunch of 13 year old kids created a peer mentor programme for bullying and at another they’d managed to get someone from Team GB to come and talk about the importance of sport and then do a training session with them, which when you think of it is pretty incredible. On Monday I helped my 5 year old get involved in a web chat on CCBC’s website with the presenter from Deadly 60 – the BAFTA winning hugely popular wildlife show. The web chat was teaming with huge amounts of kids aged between 5 – 15 asking brilliant questions about animals, wildlife and ecology. It was quite inspiring to read the questions and answers not just from an educational point of view but from the level of passion that the kids had for the subject. Now my 13 year old god daughter and her sisters have sent me a great video they  have made to support WWF’s Earth Day this weekend. Again it’s impassioned and bright and not about any of the things kids are supposedly into these days. It’s something definitely worth bearing in mind when you read the papers and hear yet another depressing story about a young person doing something dreadful. So tell me what are your kids passionate about? Share your stories so we can pass them on and show everyone  just how great our kids are these days.