Will The Real SamCam Please Stand Up!

Will The Real SamCam, Catherine M and Michelle Obama Please Stand Up?

Last week’s state visit was interesting for women wasn’t it? Things I learned: SamCam has an amazingly clean kitchen. Michelle O wore a floral prom style dress but had the bow taken off before meeting the Queen, and Catherine Middleton likes Reiss and has lost even more weight.

No talk though of David Cameron’s ‘curvy’ figure or Barack’s socks or the state of Prince William’s living room. As for the barbecue at No.10 it was good to see the men cooking the meat and the women serving the coleslaw in aprons wasn’t it?


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Now I like all of the above women and while I’m more than a little interested in clothes and Michelle’s toned arms, I’m also interested in a lot more than the above. 

For instance I’d like to know what SamCam and Michelle really think about the health care reforms their husbands are pursuing. I’d like to know what the Duchess of Cambridge thinks about being only discussed in terms of body size, and hair. And I’d like to know what all three women have to say about making it no matter where you come from.

Why? Well because; a) We’re not living in an episode of Mad Men and; b) My daughter needs better role models than Cheryl Cole and the TOWIE girls.

So how about those spin doctors and PRs not taking us for fools and showing us something real about these women’s lives. That’s something genuine and unstaged where the women can be themselves and not look horribly uncomfortable. After all like Catherine, SamCam and Michelle we already know real life is about a lot more than clean kitchens and nice dresses.

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