Will this sorry saga never end?

Aug 5 • Featured • 793 Views • 7 Comments on Will this sorry saga never end?

Another day, another installment in the Peter Andre/Katie Price split. I won't bore you with all the gory details but suffice to say Peter has gone from maintaining a dignified silence to giving long soul searching interviews in a bid to generate publicity for his new single, and Katie has been flaunting her new boyfriend. Yes, it's all getting quite messy. And meanwhile there are three children in danger of getting caught up in the crossfire.

So are you Team Peter, Team Katie, or Team Please Make It Stop And Go Away? I know which side I'm on.

written by Liz Jarvis


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7 Responses to Will this sorry saga never end?

  1. notSupermum says:

    Oh, I’m definitely in the Make It Go Away team. I wasn’t interested in them before the split, and am not interested now. Do people really want to know what they are up to?

  2. sam says:

    Please Make It Go Away!

  3. Sharon says:

    Team "Please Make It Go Away!" Just need the T-shirt!

  4. Ria says:

    I was initially sad to hear of the breakdown of the relationshiop but I really am bored now. Make it go away for the love of god. People are starving, soldiers are dying – is this really newsworth?

  5. sarah, Bath says:

    I’m TEAM MORE PLEASE! I don’t know why. Maybe it’s an illness, a sickess or a disease, but i can’t get anough of this story. I’m obsessed and read every word there is to be had on it. I discuss with my bored-looking husband, my eye-rolling mother-in-law, my friends, my neighbours and i even chat to my 3-year-old about it but i get the feeling he’s not really listening. More Katie/Pete/Cage-fighter saga please!

  6. Alison says:

    Team make it go away. Having had parents divorce, kids don’t need to know what caused it just that they are not to blame and are still loved by both parents.

  7. Yvonne says:

    If you look carefully at the pics in the paper you will see that it’s all a big hoax. Jord, Peter and the Caged man are all cleverly posed Barbie and Ken dolls in some trickster’s back garden.


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