Will your child wear a hat?

Every winter we have the same battle in our house, which is basically me trying to persuade No 1 Son to wear a hat.

'It's itchy,' he whines. 'It makes my head hot.' He's said this about at least 25 hats, whether they're wool or not, fleece, cashmere. When he was a baby and toddler he used to pull them off, and now he simply refuses to put them on at all. I've told him he loses most of his heat through his head but it makes no difference.

I'd love to see him in one of these hats from Gap (and right now you can get a whopping 10.5% back on full-priced purchases to save for your kids when you shop through KidStart – click here for more info):

      Aren't they fab? 

 and isn't this adorable?    

     So cute!  So, how do you persuade your child to wear a hat? I'd love to know!

written by Liz Jarvis