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What’s your favourite family holiday destination?

hotels gives you 4% back for your kids on all bookings.


We’ve teamed up with our friends at to give you the chance to win £200 of vouchers. We want to know what your favourite family holiday destination is. It could be a trip you’ve already made or your dream holiday spot – simply comment below where you think the best place to go on a family holiday is for your chance to win!

Don’t forget wherever you go this Summer remember to book your holidays and travel at one of KidStart’s 80 travel partners to collect up to 10% back for your kids.

Congrats DiCoke! You are the winner of the £200 vouchers! Send us an email with your contact details at

so we can send them to you!


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21 Responses to Win £200 in vouchers! – CLOSED –

  1. CemEyi says:

    It has to be Turkey. Always great weather, great food and lovely seas. Perfect all round for the whole family.

  2. Alison t says:

    Florida of course!

  3. Cw says:

    Spain for sure nice short flight, lovely friendly nation who just love children and climate is ideal.

  4. GezginAnne says:

    Gran Canaria! Great weather and lovely smiling people!

  5. NatRB says:

    Greece, Italy or Spain – all very family friendly and short flights!

  6. KtO says:

    The Maldives. The flight is long but time it right for small people’s bedtime and they sleep all the way. Island life is tranquil, the sea is a warm, shallow 28 degrees. No cars or distractions its all about family being together in this very special place.

  7. BCurtis says:

    Florida! We’ve got our three year plan to save up and take all three children!

  8. JulietaLucca says:

    It has to be Granada, South of Spain. Great food and a great city! Perfect summer holiday destination.

  9. LorraineJohnson says:

    For Famiies & kids, it has to be Orlando. We were lucky enough to go in April & whilst it might not be my first choice if we were a couple, I will cherish the excitement & happiness that I experienced through my 10 year old sons eyes forever!!

  10. Woody686 says:

    It might not be everybody’s idea of a sensible family holiday destination but we’ve just come back from Las Vegas with a 2 year old
    And it was fabulous.

  11. SusanCrofts says:

    Corfu! 🙂

  12. SarahNorth says:

    We have just had the most amazing family holiday in Scotland… Amazing beaches, amazing scenery, beautiful cottages and lots of things to keep a nosy 2 year old occupied….I am worried about taking my boy abroad just yet as he has Downs Syndrome and I worry about medical provision…. Scotland is an amazing family destination….xxx

  13. DiCoke says:

    I love Barcelona – we’ve been there twice with my son, once at 18 months and once just before he turned 3.  Wonderful beach, lots going on, family friendly restaurants and the Museu Blau is fabulous for little ones.

    • MarkMilligan says:

      DiCokeHi Di! Congratulations! You are the winner of the £200 vouchers.
      Please contact us with your details at  so we can send you the vouchers!

      • DiCoke says:

        MarkMilligan Thanks so much Mark! Now – should I spend them on a stay in Barcelona? I think so!!!! 🙂

  14. MrsPumpkin says:

    The best place of us is Orlando, Florida!! A chance for us adults to be kids again, and for my teenager to remember that he doesn’t have to grow up so fast!
    The sun, the food, the people, the theme parks – it makes a perfect holiday for us xx

  15. Andrea says:

    We would love to take our little one to Disneyland!

  16. ToybuzzUK says:

    My favourite place is the ever popular Orlando!! A little something for everyone, not just for the kids.
    We love staying at Universal Orlando Resort rather than Disney, as you get to enjoy all the them park fun but are not totally suffocated  by the House of Mouse for a fortnight.

  17. KurtFarrar says:

    We would love to take our kids to Orlando Florida, but for the length of the flights with little ones, Disneyland Paris has to be our next holiday with the kids!

  18. Kerry Dyer says:

    We would love to go to Disneyland, neither me nor my partner went when we were younger so we always said we would try and take our daughter!

  19. Di Coke says:

    Thanks so much, I won this! 😀


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