Woburn Safari Park Day Out Review

Woburn Safari Park is a place where families can enjoy being together and seeing animals in a beautiful environment  
Ticket prices: £58.00 for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids)
Tickets: www.woburn.co.uk/ Lastminute.com
Nevin Eyi, 33, from Herts visited Woburn with her husband, Cem and their two children aged nine and seven on 1 May 2010 “We love animals in our family and we were all really excited about visiting Woburn Safari Park.
After convincing the friendly staff at the gate that we weren’t carrying any live animals (except for the two monkeys in the back) we were allowed to tootle off on our own and follow the safari route.  The well cared for animals are free to roam in beautiful surroundings and at times I imagine it came close to some of the thrills of a real safari. We all just gawped in amazement when we saw a two-tonne rhino amble across the road just a few feet in front of our car. Safe to say we didn’t honk the horn to move him out of the way. Other highlights included seeing Asian tigers, a pride of lions dozing after their lunch and wondering whether the Patas monkeys we came across en route would rip the windscreen wipers off the car in front (they didn’t!) There is also a walk-about safari where you can get closer to some of the less scary animals such as wallabies, penguins and lemurs as well free talks and demonstrations in the education centre, though if your kids are anything like mine you’ll have to drag them out of the gift-shop first..! When it came to feeding time at the zoo – we were a bit disappointed with the on-site restaurant: school dinner type fare at gastro pub prices, so we headed out to the nearby picturesque Woburn village which has several nice pubs and restaurants. * Tip: when you arrive, especially if it’s after a long car journey, make sure you stop off at the restrooms before driving straight into the road safari as obviously you can’t get out of your car until you’ve gone round the whole park! Also visit the park website here http://www.woburn.co.uk/safari/ where you can get a timetable of feeding times and when the various talks are on so you can make the most of your trip. ” > Back to Days Out for Families