Yummy Mummy Or Slummy Mummy?

I’ve been accused of being ever so serious in most of my posts, so to show that being a mum isn’t just about ranting and feeling indignant, today’s post is all about clothes.

As in everyone else’s clothes because my wardrobe doesn’t leave much to talk about and would definitely score a ‘must try harder’ if the fashion police got hold of me. So while I don’t look like I am into fashion, it is a subject I hold close to my shallow heart.

Which means when I am not devouring glossy fashion magazines and complaining about why my tastes are too expensive for my budget, I am usually admiring and lamenting the look of other mums on the school run.

Mostly I see mums falling into four camps: glamourous and blow dried (definitely not me), dressed-in-a-rush (often me), dressed for the gym (sometimes me) and wearing PJ’s (never ever me).

It does amuse me (sorry I don’t get out much) that some mums put so much effort into looking good for a 10-minute drop off and pick up. Though secretly I am envious that they can do the chic yummy mummy look so well. One friend who looks amazing every day tells me she makes herself get up at 6 am to blow dry and straighten her hair and to find the right dress. It’s slightly excessive but it makes her feel good so who am I to judge?



Though I am glad that I am not rich and my kids don’t go to a school where I’d have to share the playground with Stella McCartney, and/or Sarah Jessica Parker. Or worst of all 48-year-old Elle Macpherson's whose school run outfits look like she’s on the catwalk for Versace.

So it’s great to hear that Elle’s effortless school-run chic is not so effortless after all. In an interview in the Radio Times she laughs off suggestions that she rolls out of bed looking gorgeous and adds that, “'I often drop my son off on the way to work, so I've spent two hours having my hair and make up done, and I'm wearing "work" clothes.”

God bless Elle, though I have a sneaking suspicion she does roll out of bed looking gorgeous. How about you? Are you a mummy who tries hard when it comes to fashion, or a mum who’s given up? I’d be interested to know.


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