Baroness Floella Benjamin, OBE, DL – Chancellor of University of Exeter
All families want their kids to have the best future, and this campaign is a great way to support and share the ways in which families can save for their children while going about their everyday lives. Sometimes we all just need a little nudge to get us to change our habits. Let’s all pledge to put aside a bit for the future of our children wherever we can.
  Chris Pond - Senior Advisor, FSA
I think that the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign is just the right thing to help get families become more aware of the many innovative ways in which they can be setting aside money for their children's future.

Chris Pond sits on the Ideas Judging Panel
  Sophie Raworth - Presenter, BBC
As a mum with three kids, I understand the importance of setting aside savings for your kids and I'm happy to be involved with the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the great ideas and helping to choose the winner - although I'm sure that it won't be easy!

Sophie Raworth sits on the Ideas Judging Panel
  Eileen Hayes  - Parenting and Child Behaviour Expert
I am really excited by this original and innovative idea. We hear so much about 'Broken Britain' and the mess our society is in, but parents will prove that they care deeply about the future of their kids, and we will see just how the community of parents can come together with organisations to work for the common goal of saving for the future of our children.

Eileen Hayes is the campaign Spokesperson
  Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben
This is such an innovative campaign to encourage families to set aside money for the next generation. It is critical that we build a stronger saving culture in Britain and one of the important steps to achieve this is to highlight the value of saving a little bit of money for a rainy day. It doesn't have to be much each day, but over time it will grow and help ensure that the next generation is more financially secure.
In an increasingly competitive world, we know it is vital for the future of children everywhere, that they should get the start in life they need. We believe the KidStart campaign will provide this help. There are many ways that parents can do this, and the KidStart Save a Million for UK kids campaign is all about encouraging them to take action and start saving.

To show our support, 10% of all sales made through KidStart Save a Million for UK kids will now be donated to the campaign charity partner Barnardo’s, while supporters will also receive a 10% discount off all purchases with the voucher code kidstart at the checkout. Click to shop now
Trevor Homer, Best4Glasses
    digimumsnin congratulates Kidstart on its Save a Million for UK kids campaign. Representing mums in Northern Ireland we regularly hear about the difficulties parents face in trying to make ends meet in such trying economic times.  By encouraging us all to save a little every day we can hopefully give our kids a better and brighter future.
Mags Byrne & Paula Kelly, digimumsni Ltd

    First News
First News is happy to support this worthwhile campaign. It’s so important for children to understand the value of money and start saving for their future. The Save a Million for UK kids campaign will help to get kids and parents thinking ahead.
Kelly Austin, Publisher of First News
    Parenting UK
Parenting UK welcomes this timely campaign. There are so many ways that parents can help ensure the best future for their children - the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign will give parents ideas on how they can take small steps now to save for their children's future.
Pamela Parks, Chief Executive of Parenting UK
All children deserve the best start in life, and if parents shop with Kidstart they will not only have the chance to save for their children’s future, they can also help save for the most vulnerable children that Barnardo’s are working with across the UK. Help us by joining the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign – and make a difference to the lives of all children.
Allan McLaren, Barnardo's Fundraising Director
iChild is delighted to support the ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign from Kidstart. With so much economic uncertainty, the need to save for children’s future development and education could rarely have been greater.
Sara Maslin, Editor
     Family Investments
As the country's largest Child Trust Fund provider, Family Investments are dedicated to helping parents save for their future. We have been a supporter of KidStart for many years and think that the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign is fantastic idea. We hope that it encourages parents to find new and innovative ways to save for their kids and we look forward to helping KidStart achieve their £1m target!
Kate Moore, Head of Savings and Investments at Family Investments
Kiddicare has always focused on helping parents and that's why we're happy to be supporting the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign. It's great to see a community of parents coming together and helping each other out with ideas on how to save money for their kids. We know, through the Kiddicare community, that parents can be very supportive in offering advice and information to other parents for the benefit of all. We look forward to helping KidStart identify over £1m in savings for UK kids.
Scott Weavers Wright, CEO, Kiddicare
    F&C Investments
At F&C At F&C we are committed to helping parents save for their children, and to date we look after more than £165m in our children’s savings schemes.

With the withdrawal of the Child Trust Fund voucher, parents might need a little extra spur to get them saving for the increasing expenses of childhood and education, and an initiative like KidStart - which rewards shoppers with cash they can save for their kids – can help plug that gap. We are very pleased to be supporting the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign. It is especially noteworthy that donations to organisations like Barnardo’s will count towards the £1m target total, meaning that children who don’t have parents who can save for them will benefit too.
Chris Cahill, Director of Marketing, F&C Investments

    Parent Channel is pleased to be working with the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign, especially at a time when families are looking out for great ideas to save those pennies and still have a good family life.
Tom Cape, Director Parentchanneltv
  Liz Jarvis - LivingwithKids
'The KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign is a brilliant initiative to help build a better future for all our kids.
    Kat - 3bedroombungalow
It is great that the KidStart Save a million for UK kids campaign is encouraging families to think about the future. The exchange of ideas through this campaign is a great way to learn simple steps to save money. Now, more than ever, families need to be thrifty to ensure that their children's future is bright.
    Jo Beaufoix
I'm really happy to support the KidStart Save a Million for UK Kids Campaign. As a Mum of two it's great to be able to do something positive to encourage my monkeys to learn about, and be responsible with their money and future savings.
Carol - New Mummy's Tips

I think the Save A Million Campaign for UK Kids is a fantastic idea, it’s never too early to start saving. Its a great to show children how to save, it’s important for them to learn to save for their future

Becky - English Mum
It's so important to make sure that we all set aside savings for our children. I'm delighted to support this amazing campaign and help all of us build better futures for our families.
Linda Jones - Have a Lovely Time
What a fantastic idea! Many families are finding it tough at the moment so I think the Save a million campaign is an inspirational way of getting an important message across.
Rosie Scribble - Rosie Scribble
The KidStart Save a Million for UK Kids Campaign has a real sense of community behind it and I love the idea of everyone coming together to share their money-saving ideas
Amy - And1MoreMeansFour
Saving for our children's future is something that we all need to think about and the KidStart Save a Million campaign is a fantastic way to help us achieve and encourage us to do just that. I am excited to hear and share all the ideas that are donated so we can all try to save a little for own children's future.
Erica - Littlemummy
I'm looking forward to teaching my daughter about saving through the KidStart campaign. Any savings she manages to instigate are hers for her child trust fund!
Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?
I'm proud to support the KidStart Save a Million for UK Kids campaign. Anything which will assist our children financially in the future is a great idea
Karin - Café Bébé
Saving money for our children is of vital importance. It will allow them opportunities which we have had to struggle for in our lives and to start out on the right foot.
Tara - Sticky Fingers
'I think it's vital that we as parents save for our children's future to ensure they have a decent start in life when they finally make that break into the big world. I also believe it's important for parents to teach this generation how important it is to save and plan for the future. We can all do something - however small. 
Susanna - A Modern Mother
Save a Million is a brilliant campaign with the all right intentions. 
Sian - Mummytips
What a wonderful campaign. It's so easy to make savings everyday on little things and a perfect project to get your children involved with too." Sian, mummytips. 
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