The ambition of the KidStart Save a Million for UK Kids campaign is to build a community of individuals, parents and companies helping each other to do more to save for kids in the UK.

In today’s financial environment, families know that they need to take more responsibility themselves for helping their kids financially… they want to… but it is not easy.

We believe there is a real opportunity for families to do more with just a little extra effort and the campaign aims to help by:

1. Sharing innovate things that families can do: through the ideas forum, you can read what other families are doing and "share" your own ideas. We’re also running a competition and the best idea, as judged by our Ideas Judging Panel, will win £1000!

2. Introducing supporters and partners that can help: we are building an ever growing community of partners who are looking to help. KidStart is one way in which you can build your or other children’s savings for free but there are many others.

3. Encouraging families to do something, however small: putting even a little aside is much better than doing nothing at all. Over time small amounts can add up to something larger, and thankfully kids have the luxury of time!

Why a million?
We’ve set a target of collectively saving a million pounds by Christmas. We’ll add up all the amounts that participants are saving and you’ll see the total update each week. However, £1 million is not the end target – we hope that by encouraging a large number of families to start doing something, the final results will be much larger!

You can donate your ideas on how to save for UK kids here.

Financial donations made to
Barnardo's can also be added to the
campaign total.
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For any enquiries regarding the campaign, please contact us.

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London, SW6 3JD

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KidStart supports families in doing the best for their kids by helping them build their children's savings whenever they shop at a wide range of retailers and service providers.

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