Are you sick of the mum labels?

A little while back I blogged about how someone shouted ‘MILF’ at me. Aside from being a bit shocked. It didn’t help that the person shouting it made Jeremy Clarkson look super-attractive.

Personally I can’t stand the term MILF, or yummy mummy, or super mum or mumshell or just about anything that says ‘Hey-you’re-a-mum-but-somehow-you’ve-managed-to-be-attractive’. I think my biggest problem with all these labels is the focus that it puts on mums and how they look. Labels like these just pressurise many mothers. Especially new mums to try and be it all, a good parent, nicely groomed, well dressed and sexy to boot.

Female Celebrities

Just reading the papers today, I note whenever they mention a female celebrity, two examples from today Elle McPherson and Reese Witherspoon. The fact that she is a mother appears in the first sentence usually next to one of the above terms. As if it’s amazing that X can be famous, a mother and look so good all at the same time! Now on top of all these looks based labels, we have new ones to contend with that attack our parenting style such as Tiger Mum, Helicopter Mum and Attachment Mothers, don’t ask!

Dad Labels

So I want to know how come dads aren’t subjected to the same kind of labeling? Why isn’t there a name for dads who look good or dad’s who are pushy or dads who don’t bother? And why don’t the papers ever mention that male celebrities are dads too. They rarely do because I just read an interview with David Beckham and Matt Damon where they didn’t mention either were fathers anywhere in the whole piece). So what’s your thoughts on these mum labels? Do they annoy you too or are they just a bit of fun. Let us know.
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