Are You Worried About Your Kids And Technology?

Having a husband who works in technology makes for some interesting conversations with other parents.

Aside from being blamed for cyber bullying and being asked if he knows Bill Gates (he doesn’t by the way), the questions he’s asked range from the strange to perplexing.  As a parent I totally understand this because aside from technology changing so quickly (making it hard to keep up), if you read the papers technology seems to be blamed for everything from last year’s riots to teen violence.

Technology and Parenting

Which is why technology and parenting is such an interesting area. I think it’s a shame that we don’t hear more about the positives. Such as how Kindles can help kids to read more. How the iPads and tablets can help kids to connect more to the subjects they’re learning about. From my own experience my two year old  has learnt to count on the iPad. A phonics app has helped my five year old learn to read very quickly. However, having worked with school kids I can also see how and why so many parents are afraid of technology and what it brings into their kids lives.

Online community for parents

So I am happy to hear that someone is finally launching an online community for parents. All about technology giving you the chance to post all those questions you want to ask. Those questions you didn’t know you wanted to ask. is the first community that brings parenting and tech together. It’s totally free and aims to help parents keep up with the opportunities and challenges of raising children. In an increasingly connected world with the help of a variety of experts. Personally, I think it’s a must whether you’re a parent who is tech savvy, or one that wants to be.

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