Baby Whoozit – Toy Review

Available from: Bright Minds
Rating:  5/5 

Baby Whoozit   

"This is brilliant! It's choc full of bright colours, vibrant patterns and fun ribbons & rattley bits. As soon as I gave it to my little boy, he grinned and started shaking the life out of it!  After the initial excitement died down, he thoroughly enjoyed chewing on each of the Whoozit's 'arms' (perfect for teething!), and then spent some time making faces at himself in the little mirror (he loves to check himself out – can't think where he gets that from!)."

All in all, a great baby toy, which I don't think he'll be bored of any time soon – think we might even ask Santa for the bigger version!"

Leslieanne Barclay, 29, West Sussex  

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