Blossom Farm Activity Blossom Bunny – Toy Review

Available from: ELC

Rating:  5/5 


"Blossom Bunny quite simply rocks! This bunny keeps my daughter occupied for ages and she loves to drag her around. Blossom bunny is very pink, very soft and very cute. She has a mirror on her belly that BG loves to look into, she has a buzzing bee attached to one hand that my daughter has learnt to pull so that’s at least five minutes of entertainment. There is also a crinkly, squeaking flower on one foot and a rattling bunny on the other, the hands Velcro together and the ears are different colours.

Its a great toy to grow up with, its first a soft toy that a young baby can look at and then as they get older the bunny helps with simulating their senses and they learn to do new things each time they play with it. Blossom Bunny is a great activity toy."
Carol Smith, 29, Lincs

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