Blossom Farm Pogo Puppys Piano – Toy Review

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"My little boy loves this. He loves pressing buttons – remote controls, mobile phones – great fun. Big buttons, that make noise and make things light up? Fantastic! It's great value too – there are three settings so you can make the piano play conventional single notes, animal sounds to match the characters on each key, or pre-programmed melodies (to full Daddy into thinking your baby is the next Mozart-style child genius!). (There's also the handy 'off' mode for when Mummy fancies some quiet time!)

The piano also has clever straps attached to the back so it can be mounted in your baby's cot.(though I recommend setting it to 'off' at bedtime unless you'd like a mooing-cow wake up call!) Overall, a great toy which I'm sure will continue to be played with for a very long time."
Leslieanne Barclay, 29, West Sussex  

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