Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy – Toy Review

Available from: ELC

Rating:  4/5 

Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy   

"The Blossom Farm Sit Up Cosy is one of those toys that you really can use from birth. Its starts out as a soft play mat, with toys attached by Velcro. As they get a little older is becomes a nest for the baby to sit in supported and then as they can sit by themselves it becomes a prop behind them to help support them.  It is very soft, colourful and super cute, it comes with four toys that can be attached. There is a flower mirror, a buttercup the cow which makes bell sounds, Chester the chicken that makes a great sound and Lavender the lamb with a rattle inside (I love the names!).

My 11-month-old daughter really loves this toy; she enjoys the animals and is fascinated by the huge donkey that now sits behind her. Its light weight and once the nest is deflated is easy to store and you can take the play mat anywhere.  The only issues I had were that the instructions were quite poor and the nest inners where hard to blow up. But other than that it is a great toy that will last up to year at least."
Carol Smith, 29, Lincs  

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