Booking Holidays Online Safely

A friend of mine got scammed recently when she paid for what turned out to be a non-existent flight online. Here are some tips on booking holidays securely using the Internet:

1. Research, research, research! Check out any holiday company you are booking through and make sure they are a member of a recognised travel authority such as ABTA. 2. Book through reliable, well-known companies like our fabulous Travel & Holiday Kidstart partners.



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3. Once you have found your holiday, triple check all your details such as times, flights and dates as holiday companies will often refuse to make itinerary changes after you have paid. 4. Before you pay for your holiday online, check that there is a padlock symbol in your browser indicating that the link is secure and that the address URL is legitimate and begins with https://. If you are unsure, DO NOT ENTER YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS. 5. Many credit card companies offer additional protection and insurance when you book holidays using your card, so check this out before you pay.



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6. Use sights such as Google Maps to check out the location of properties you are thinking of booking, and use Trip Advisor for reviews. 7. Do not advertise the fact that you are going away and leaving your house empty over social networks. There have been incidents of people checking these sites to spot ‘empty houses’ that can be burgled. 8. Always log out when you have completed your booking.  

Have you ever been scammed online?


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