Buggy Driver – Toy Review

Available from: Early Learning Centre

Rating:  4/5 

Buggy Driver  

"My  daughter Ella is 17 months old and I feared that she would be too old for this toy (the age range is birth to 2 years).  My fears were eliminated though, the minute I attached it to her pushchair.  She started making “vroom vroom” noises, steering the steering wheel, honking the horn and generally being rather amused.  I was quite surprised that she was as entertained as she was.

We’ve never had ‘buggy entertainment’ and I was quite pleased that she was so happy with it.  

The honking horn, which Ella found repeatedly, can grate on adult ears after a time but the volume is not too loud and most of the sounds are drowned out by outside noises.  I tried to attach it to Ella’s car seat but the clamps were not big enough for the sides of her car seats.  This would be the only down-side to the Buggy Driver; you might be taking a gamble with whether it will fit on your buggy.  The clamps should fit MOST pushchairs/buggies but there is a chance that it will not fit yours. 

Early Learning Centre has definitely scored a hit with the Buggy Driver and I would recommend it to any parent wanting to provide a little more entertainment for those afternoon walks.  The Buggy Driver is an excellent purchase which will keep your child happy and smiling."

Karin Joyce, 38, Cambridgeshire       

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