Bumble Bee Wheelybug – product review

List price: £55 (RRP)
Available from: Kiddicare
Rating:  5/5 


"Oh how we love this!  If you’ve never heard of wheelybugs, they are essentially a ride on toy – but no ordinary ride on toy!  For starters, they are beautifully made in natural wood and gorgeous soft, bright fabrics.  They are so lovely to look at, and equally lovely to touch. We were sent the Bee (also available are the mouse, the cow and the ladybug), and Dylan was smitten as soon as he laid eyes on him, giving him a big hug & swiftly investigating his springy antennae! At 11 months, he hasn’t quite figured out how to ‘ride’ the bee by himself (it’s actually recommended for 12 months and there is a larger size available for older toddlers too), but he certainly enjoys scooting around with a little help!

The best thing, from a parent point of view, is that it’s clearly a toy made by people who know what children want. Plus, it’s built to last – I can see this being passed down several times if Dylan can ever bear to part with it!
In short, it’s a brilliant toy and every home should have one!"
Leslieanne Barclay, West Sussex

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